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Josh Sager/Mark Gollihur (Din Within)
Josh Sager (l), Mark Gollihur (r)

Din Within is a progressive rock group based in the USA. Their debut release, Awaken the Man, was an international success; it catapulted the group into the spotlight, and won accolades from prog rock radio and the music press. Din Within puts a fresh spin on the progressive rock genre, creating some of the most exciting contemporary music available today.

Order Awaken the Man Now!

Din Within - Awaken the Man

Awaken the Man was called one of 2007's top 10 prog releases, and the debut of the year! Buy it now!

But now that my heart has been revealed
The people who hear them can tell

“He doesn’t mean it!
His songs are just empty words,
And everyone sees through his façade”

“He always faked it!
He tried to be so profound,
But he’ll never sell me on the songs he never lived”

Song For Life

Din Within News

Digital Din Studio - Update on the Move

Mark's Digital Din Studio (the studio home of Din Within) is almost back up to speed, having just moved to a new home! Check out the progress here, on Mark's blog.

Songwriting in Full Swing!

Mark and Josh are working on music for the new album! We're getting together regularly and have lots of songs and musical bits that we're writing and re-arranging. We're also scheduling a new photo shoot to get some up-to-date photos for the website and new album. New stuff is coming! Check out our "Diary" for more info on progress...

Work to Resume on New Album!

At long last, Din Within is back in the studio, writing and recording the followup to their debut album "Awaken the Man." Visit the Din Within "Diary" to read about progress on the album as it happens!

Digital Din Studios adds some new gear

Mark's studio, Digital Din, has been gearing up (literally) for continued work on the new Din Within album. Recent acquisitions include an amazing new Ehrlund Studio Condenser Microphone, a pair of ADAM A7X Studio Monitors, and a collection of some new software tools. The mic should come in handy for recording everything from vocals to acoustic instruments, and the new monitors have incredible accuracy and should make for much more consistent mixing. Mark has also built a pair of single driver monitors, in the vein of the Avantone MixCubes, for "reality checks" during mixing and tracking. Now to put these new "toys" to work!

Hiatus Over

The temporary hiatus that we've been taking (and didn't bother to mention) is now over; Josh and Mark will be resuming regular work on the second Din Within album as of now! Mark's getting used to his new family addition (see news item, below) was the primary reason for the temporary work stoppage - but it's now time to get crackin' on the music! So stay tuned for some more frequent updates...

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